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Packaging in the era of the pandemic.

PACKAGING INDUSTRY. Return of plastic bags, over-packaging of fruits and vegetables, ban on buying in bulk … due to hygiene and sanitation issues in times of pandemic, several efforts to reduce the use of plastic in the food sector have taken a break.

“The industry has had to reintegrate several types of packaging to ensure consumer safety. Among the materials used, plastic is still one of the best solutions to play a role of barrier and food protection ”, indicates Bruno Ponsard, director of the College’s Institute of Packaging Technology and Food Engineering (ITEGA). Maisonneuve. Therefore, he concedes, this question reignites discussions about the sustainability and life cycle of food packaging. A market of more than 300 billion dollars (B $) per year, which represents a third of the value of the global packaging industry.

Despite everything, this expert believes that COVID-19 opens the door to new possibilities. “At home, at ITEGA, we have started to think about what possible packaging with antiviral characteristics might look like”, underlines the researcher.

The pandemic: a lever for business

In this regard, the pandemic is already leveraging the TalThi company in Saint-Hyacinthe. Specializing in the distribution and manufacture of food packaging for ready-to-eat and take-out meals, this maskoutaine company has seen its revenues increase by 20% since mid-March this year. She even had to hire four more people to help the fifteen employees already in place.

Rather than producing visors, the company made the decision to stay in its area of ​​expertise. “For the past two years, we have wanted to adopt a strategy aimed at supplying the smallest SMEs in the province, especially restaurants. With the pandemic, we decided to put pressure on the pedal” says Steven Thibault, founding president of TalThi. In the aftermath of containment, TalThi sent more than 300 sets of samples to restaurateurs across Quebec. “At least seven out of ten have decided to source from us. And one in three is even looking for personalized solutions in the colors of their establishment” says Steven Thibault.

Since its creation ten years ago, this SME, which generates more than 5 million dollars (M $) in annual revenues, has offered its customers 100% recyclable packaging. “From the start, we made sure to sell products whose components – aluminum, polypropylene No. 5 and polyethylene terephthalate No. 1 – are 100% recyclable, regardless of the municipalities in Quebec”, raises the co-owner of the company.

Initially, 100% of TalThi’s products were imported from Europe and Asia. This situation is, however, changing. “For two years, 10% of production has been carried out here. We plan to manufacture 20% of our packaging locally by the end of 2020. The objective is to manufacture 50% of the products in our Saint-Hyacinthe plant by 2023 ”, indicates Steven Thibault.

By Claudine Hébert, Les affaires, June 17, 2020

TalThi introduced its Ready2Cook® products with handles at the SIAL Innovation 2016 event and was selected as a finalist.
The Ready2Cook® solution is recognized for its innovative design packaging.

Plus Pack’s Ready2Cook® packaging solution with handles was selected from more than 1,000 exhibitors from 60 different countries as an Innovation Awards finalist at the SIAL Innovation Canada event in 2016. This event is the largest exhibition in the world highlighting innovations in the food industry.

Over 15,000 visitors came to Montreal for the 2016 edition of SIAL Innovation Canada. Participants selected the exclusive Plus Pack’s Ready2Cook® aluminum packaging solutions with handles as one of the event’s signature innovations.

The Ready2Cook® packaging solution is perfect for today’s busy consumer. It instantly attracts attention and quickly earns the trust of our customers. The solution can be used with several types of meals: fresh fish with vegetables, warm salads, ready-to-cook meat, or grilled chicken dishes.

Thanks to its practical handles, the new generation of Ready2Cook® containers is easy to transport, store, and use in the kitchen. Its design is so modern that containers can be used as serving dishes, directly on the table when food is ready to be served.


  • Practical handles
  • Can be refrigerated and frozen
  • Oven, microwave and grill safe
  • Offered in several shapes
  • Optimal waterproof properties, good thermal conductivity, resistant to heat and cold
  • Compatible with sealable films and plastic covers

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