Equipment That Suits Your Needs


Food packaging plays a key role in meeting food safety and environmental requirements. Consumers expect food to be fresh, attractive, and packaged safely. And just like manufacturers, they wish to minimize the impact of packaging on the environment. That’s why we have a wide range of containers meeting these criteria. We offer a complete customization service to meet all your needs.
Equipment for Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP)
At TalThi, we’re always at the forefront, which is why we use VSP technology, meeting current and future consumer trends. This method of packaging gives an incredible second skin effect. The technology can be used in every department, whether for fish, meat, vegetables or fast food. The VSP solution is affordable and makes all products attractive while keeping them fresher longer. By removing oxygen from the packaging by vacuum, VSP eliminates the need for preservatives and extends shelf life – up to three to four weeks, as opposed to MAP’s 7 days – greatly reducing food waste.
* Customers must always conduct tests beforehand.
VSP Benefits:

  • Increased shelf life, especially when combined with aluminum since it’s a good cold chain conductor
  • Outstanding presentation
  • Plastic use reduction
  • Affordable price
Skin Pack Technology
Skin pack technology is suitable for all of our aluminum products and is part of our product offering at TalThi. Its unique format makes possible the packing of products of all shapes. An integrated solution, it includes equipment, molds, containers, and sealing film. This advanced second skin packaging system presents products in a revolutionary way, increases shelf life, and preserves food’s flavour, all the while ensuring respect for the environment through its lightweight structure.
Absolute Protection
Skin pack packaging ensures completely hermetic packaging, guaranteeing products’ safety and easy access thanks to uniform peelability, convenient for consumers. Even during operations where the tightness is tested in areas that may be contaminated with sauce or oil, this packaging solution reduces the risk of leakage on production lines, during transport, and in store. As a result, waste and costs are also reduced.

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