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Since 2008, TalThi has offered packaging solutions of the highest quality, customized and adapted to your reality, delivered according to the needs of your operations, for a multitude of customers of the food industry.

We import, among others, Plus Pack products, one of Europe’s leaders in aluminum and plastic packaging for the food industry, in operation for over a century. We know that finding the best packaging solution can be a long process. That’s why we’re happy to put our knowledge and experience at your service, helping you make the best choices.

Service and Logistics

We’re known for offering efficient service with no administrative burden. It’s one of our greatest strengths in the market. From conceptual development to implementation of the packaging solution, we help you optimize your food’s packaging and production process. We’d be honoured to help you.


We’ve established an efficient and effective procurement model that includes certified partners around the world, starting with our largest business ally, Plus Pack. As a global importer, we have access to a wide selection of containers, films, and sealing equipment that will surely suit your products and production. These advantages, combined with our North American market expertise, allow us to guide you to the best solution for your target market.


A technical sheet is good, but receiving a sample is better! Consult our product catalog and order your samples now to facilitate the decision-making process. We also create custom products by designing prototypes.

We offer the possibility to test different materials for an already existing design and carry out the 3D design for the development of new products. Customers can touch, manipulate, and test these products to ensure they are exactly as desired before ordering.

Turnkey Services

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