Innovative Packaging Solution


Food packaging is now playing an important role for consumers and we’re contributing to its evolution. Previously, the purpose of packaging was quite simple: to contain a product. It must now be innovative, practical, easy to open, ecological, and attractive on shelves. This is where TalThi comes in with its functional and durable packaging made with the latest technologies.


Our packaging solutions are designed to meet all of your needs and to give life to all of your ideas. We offer the best of the best on the market. Regardless of the desired application, we’ll be able to advise you in finding the best packaging option, saving you time and money while also enhancing your product.

Adapted Packaging

Creating, modifying, and improving; we excel in all three spheres. We take the changes in your lifestyle and your economic constraints into account while ensuring the mechanical performance of any packaging. We’ll gladly develop packaging formats or adapt an already existing product to better suit your needs. Help us find the perfect packaging combination for your product.

Concept Development

We cannot separate the packaging and its specificities from its contents. We understand the complexity of this combination and the challenges that arise from the needs of customers and manufacturers. The choice of packaging for any product is strategic and contributes directly to its success.
Packaging development is one of the first steps in the process of deploying a new product. Let us accompany you throughout the process – from the first brainstorming session to the design and creation of samples. We’ll be happy to help you with the decisions to be made.

 Packaging development is one of the first steps in the deployment process of a new product. Our ambition is to accompany you throughout the process – from the first brainstorming to the design and the creation of samples – in order to help you make the right decisions.  

Let us offer you our know-how in terms of innovative packaging proposals (aesthetics, features, novelties). We’ll also ensure the quality of the design and advise you in the technical definition of products. We’ll even manage validations according to specifications, feasibility, and budgets.


In a world where consumers have access to countless products in a highly competitive marketplace, packaging design makes a product stand out from the crowd. That’s why you need nicely designed containers that speaks to them. Aesthetically pleasing packaging is the key to help you enter the market and encourage consumers to choose you. We can help in all aspects of packaging design; market analysis and trend monitoring, as well as the analysis of your production and logistics, in order to optimize the design with the best solution.

The comprehensive needs analysis is followed by a design and prototyping phase that can start with a simple idea, an already existing packaging or a computer file. Our 3D creation department can submit a variety of creative proposals in no time. Samples and prototypes are then produced to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the package or component before mass production. Our creativity is boundless and our desire to meet your requirements is without limits.

Ecological Footprint

As the packaging market continues to progress, manufacturers are looking for new solutions to reduce their environmental footprint, and thus seek to limit the accumulation of waste.

TalThi and its partner Plus Pack are committed to developing sustainable packaging solutions. From the product manufacturing process to the recycling opportunities, we’re taking concrete steps to fulfill our ecological responsibilities. Our designs aim to minimize the use of resources and reduce waste by taking advantage of technological advances and practicing responsible product development. This benefits the environment as well as consumers and is a profitable avenue for our customers.

Sustainable Development

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic in the food industry. Good packaging protects food, ensures food safety for consumers, and helps fight against food waste. If properly recycled, its impact on the environment after use is minimized. While bringing to market packaging that ensures product quality and food safety for consumers, TalThi strives to find solutions that respect our commitment to responsible packaging. We take concrete steps to live up to our environmental responsibilities.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Choosing the right material for your product and the market for which it is intended is essential. TalThi remains at the forefront in terms of materials and offers excellent alternatives to industrial food packaging mainly made of plastic. Recycling is the key to good environmental practices and is a guiding principle in our efforts to create environmentally friendly packaging. The Plus Pack Group, with whom we work, is also actively involved in tests and programs for the collection and recycling of raw material waste.

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